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The 666 mistery of a couple part one

Before midnight sleep:
6 weeks sleep nice my dear, sweet dreams, mmmuachh...

6 months please turn off the the light

6 years why don’t you sleep over there?

Using toilet:

6 weeks its OK, you first, I’m not in a hurry

6 months are you still using the toilet?

6 years brug! brug! brug! (Door sounds), what ta hell are you doing in there?
Take a meditation?

Reply the SMS:

6 weeks OK honey, at home in the moment

6 months it still stuck on the road

6 years OK

Dating Process:

6 weeks I love U, I love U, and I love U.

6 months Of course I love U

6 years If not, why Iam marrying you

Back from work:

6 weeks Honey, I’m home

6 month I’m BACK!

6 years Our maid had cookin’ yet?

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