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The 666 mistery of a couple part two

Gift Present:
6 weeks My Dear, I hope U like this ring

6 months I buy this painting, looks match in a living room

6 years This is the money, buy yourself


6 weeks Baby, some body wanna talk with U

6 months Hmm... This is for U

6 years Pick up the phone!!


6 week I’m not realize how delicious it is

6 months : What are we are eating tonight?

6 years : My GOD, This again and again

New clothes
6 week My dear, you like an angel

6 months Are you buying clothes again
6 years How much you spend money for that

Vacation Planning

6 week How about we are going travel to Europe honey
6 months To New York use a bus, don’t take a plane

6 years Going traveling? You only spend much money


6 week Baby, what we are watching tonight?

6 months In a moment, it’s a good movie here

6 years Don’t turn a channel would you, don’t like me get happy?

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