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Librarians needs DCC (Dewey Decimal Classification)

The Librarians should know about DCC. Sometimes they asked, “What exactly is the Dewey Decimal Classification? Why do I need to use it?”

The short answer is: Using a classification system groups all of the information in your library together by subject so people can find things easier. It gives a book an address so it always returns to the same place on the shelf.

Let me digress a minute here to define the difference between cataloging and classification. Cataloging is a verbal description of the book: author, title, publish, date, number of pages, subject headings. Cataloging creates the index. You can catalog your entire library without ever classifying it.

Classification is how you place the material on the shelf -- how you sort the information to make sense out of it. Classification is the address -- it's the block number and house number so you can find something. The Dewey system is one way to organize knowledge. Because it is so widely used, once people understand it, they can move from the smallest library to the largest and know how to find things.

Melvil Dewey, who developed the Dewey Classification in 1876, set it up to handle ALL kinds of knowledge.

If you want to know more about DCC, lets take a look the free eBook over here >> So The Librarians needs DCC!

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