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Support Brokencode on Busby SEO Test

Busby SEO Test? What was that? For all SEO Master around the world, the name so familiar.

SEO is acronym of Search Engine Optimization, In this case is Google, Yahoo or another Search Engine sites. And Busby SEO Test is one of World Contest on SEO.

The Busby SEO Test or known as Busby Challenge World Cup II start on one October 2008 until January 2009. And the prize so amazing, about USD 5000 for the champion. That was huge money. But I don't think this is not just about the money. But this competition is ways to prove for SEO Master and Blogger on manage site or blog.

And Brokencode what was that too? Brokencode is one many Web Master from Indonesia that stand on 2004. Brokencode is one of the Indonesian Web Master that following that Busby SEO Test

If Brokencode win, I think as Indonesians was very good news. OK, come on let's support Brokencode on this SEO Competition.

It was a pleasure for a Web Master or Blogger when their sites or blogs reach the first page on Google Search. Do you want your blogs reach the first page on google? Come on learn and study SEO.

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