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That Surprising Video Ad

Couple weeks ago, there are something surprising me when blog walking or silaturahim on the Net. But I think much thing that can surprise us nowadays isn’t it? badtaste2

I’m interest to post it on my blog. Hope you can give me an idea or opinion or even criticize.

Let’s take a look at this You Tube below, start your comment but please not at the shout box. And thanks for all.

2 Comment:

  1. Memang PKS cukup crative... ditengah hiruk pikuk kampanye, Iklan, spanduk, bendera, bilboard dan baliho... tiba2 PKS memecah kehiruk pikukan tsb... dengan posternya cukup dengan.... "8 itu PKS" dan sekarang Iklan TV yg mengangkat tokoh-tokoh terdahulu seperti Sukarno, Suharto, M.Natsir dll

  2. suparti : "It was rigth ummi. I agree with that"


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