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Download the Dynamic Schedule of World Cup 2010 South Africa

I have a friend from AnotaGol that gives us The Dynamic Schedule of World Cup 2010 at South Africa for FREE!

If you have see my post on World Cup 2010 Schedule at here >> and here >> That was a static schedule that you can print out and put on your wall.

But this dynamic schedule was impressed me.

Download completely free the dynamic schedule to keep the scores and statistics of the Football Soccer World Cup Matches to be played in South Africa this 2010.

In the tradition of providing football soccer fans with an automated tool to follow and record the match results since the Korea/Japan 2002 World Cup and Germany 2006 World Cup, this 2010 we also give you the dynamic schedule for the first World Cup in the African Continent. There was a black and white style you can choose. It was amazing schedule my Bro...

  • Developed in Microsoft Excel®, with only formulas, no macros or VBA Code.
  • AnotaGol Schedule is fully functional in MS Excel® 2003, 2007 and 2010 editions.
  • No plug-in needed, can be used without permanent Internet connection.
  • Available in six languages: Español, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano and Português.
  • Automatic adjustment of the match schedule for timezone you choose.
  • You can manually input the match scores to do your own projections.
  • You can automatically update the match scores from Internet.
  • The system automatically classify the best teams to next rounds, respecting the tie breaking criteria.
  • After the group stage, when the tie persists, the cells for registration of penalty kicks will be enabled.
  • Includes a statistical summary for every match (Automatic update required).
    Shows graphic fixture for the teams qualifying route to the final stage.
  • Details the main rules of the tournament.
  • Available in two color combinations.
  • AnotaGol Schedule is totally free.
And you can also Subscribe to join the club AnotaGol and receive information about new schedules.

Download AnotalGol Dynamic Schedule on .xls here >> and you can visit the sites AnotaGol here >>

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