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My Best Actor Russel Crowe played Robin Hood!

Have you watch Gladiator movie? If so, you may be the fan of Russell Crowe that portrayed main character in Gladiator. It is not hype if I say he is one of talented actor in Hollywood. It will be really great to see him on Robin Hood movie where he depict main role as Robin Hood. He is marvelous guy and according to the rumors his next movie set to be release on next year. May be it will be bad news for Russell Crowe fans.

He contributes his talents to depict legendary classical Robin Hood tale in new way. People love to watch legendary movie which combined with fantasy. Harry Potter series was mingled with ancient mystery background with magical events. The lord of the ring movie series also set in many years ago. All the movies which depict ancients’ legend became mega hit. It seems movie lovers love to watch that kind of movies rather than new technology one.

Though modern American action flicks shows gun shot and murder scenes which makes huge blood violence, the legendary type movies come along with fantasy, curios and real action pack.

Ridley Scott (director) / Brian Helgeland, Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris (screenplay)
Russell Crowe … Robin Longstride
Cate Blanchett … Marion Loxley
Max von Sydow … Sir Walter Loxley
William Hurt … William Marshal
Mark Strong … Godfrey
Oscar Isaac … Prince John
Danny Huston … King Richard The Lionheart
Mark Addy … Friar Tuck
Matthew Macfadyen … Sheriff of Nottingham
Kevin Durand … Little John
Scott Grimes … Will Scarlet

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