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The Grand Canyon

Great Barrier Reef

Florida (2001) During a Nortel trip. We flew into Miami then drove through the Everglades to the east coast.

South Island

Cape Town

Golden Temple

Las Vegas


New York (2001) Easter - Kate, Alix, Matt, Melisa. Didn't go up the Twin Towers

Taj Mahal

Canadian Rockies Numerous times. Most recently, in 2003 when dropping Greg off in Calgary. We went to Banff one evening and swam in the hot springs.


Chichen Itza - Mexico

Machu Picchu - Peru

Niagara Falls (2001) Thanksgiving - a great wine tour with Kate.

Petra - Jordan

The Pyramids - Egypt

Venice Kate loved Venice when she went in 1999.

Maldives First of the South Pacific entries. Supposed to be awesome for sailing adventures.

Great Wall of China

Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

Hong Kong (1993) Class Afloat. We were docked in Kowloon.

Yosemite National Park

Hawaii (1993) Class Afloat, once to Hilo, once to Honolulu. Hilo was cool and laid back. Honolulu is way too commercial/American.

Auckland - New Zealand (1993) Class Afloat. Almost flew home from here. Don't really remember much.

Iguassu Falls

Paris (1991) Stayed with a family that had 10 children.


Angkor Wat - Cambodia

Himalayas - Nepal

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Masai Mara - Kenya

Galapagos Islands - Ecuador (1993) Class Afloat. It's all about the wildlife. Even managed to go diving with Hammerhead sharks.

Luxor - Egypt


San Francisco (1994) Class Afloat. Flew home from here. Also had a quick tour of Napa thanks to the Quanes

Barcelona (1991) Slept at the train station. Headed back out of Spain the next day.


Singapore (1993) Class Afloat. Almost went to Malaysia on a bus. Got lost on lots of buses. Soaked in torrential rains. Went to Toys R' Us and Hard Rock Cafe. Little India was cool.

La Digue - Seychelles

Sri Lanka




Terracotta Army - China

Zermatt - Switzerland

Angel Falls - Venezuela

Abu Simbel - Egypt

Bali (1993) Class Afloat. Awesome. Monkey Temple. The Ambassador and drunkenness at the Four Seasons. Waaaay too many street vendors. Indonesian "Bintang" beer at the Swensen's ice cream parlour.

French Polynesia (1993) Class Afloat. Incredible mix of Melanesian and French culture. Baguette, red wine, and palm trees.

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