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Monetize Your Blog/Site with Smowtion

Smowtion media is an Ad network born in the web 2.0. I have joined this program about a week ago. This program is a good program to try.

Smowtion is a program which brings advertisers and publishers together through the use of blogs. Smowtion Media is a program that strictly uses display banners and animated banners as its advertising medium. The program uses CPM (cost per mille), CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per action) ads, the program does make the choice of what type of ads will be placed on the publishers blog.

Smowtion Media offers advertisers a great way to advertise their sites through Keegy.com and associate blogs. Blogs are some of the most well read and therefore one of the best ways to advertise. The banner ads are placed on the best site to compliment the item being advertised which means the visitor is already interested in the product or service being promoted. Smowtion

Publishers can choose the type of banner ads they want on their site, there are no limit to the number of ads that can be placed on a site, though there is a limit of three ads per page. Smowtion Media is completely compatible with other monetizing sources, so publishers can run the Smowtion banners right along with Google ads and text link ads/ This is actually encouraged by Smowtion Media as a way to generate extra income through the member blogs.

Revenue share is an integral part of the Smowtion Media payment method. There is a 60% revenue share and the use of this optimizes the ads shown and improves their performance. The earnings generated by the banners will vary according to the sites and keywords used to place these ads.

This is a simple way to monetize a blog and add an additional source of income. They don’t pay quite as much as some other programs, but when used in conjunction, it helps the amount made by the blog. There are some people who were upset by the amount earned, but others were more than happy with the amount made. The do pay on time and have live support on the site to answer any issues that may arise.

I think it never hurts to try this program. Because we do not need to spend money at all to try.
Interested in this program? you can try to register here >>

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