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Johanna Lindsey : When Love Awaits

When Love Awaits
By Johanna Lindsey

Lady Leonie of Montwyn refuses to be a peace offering. Marriage should be because of love. Her refusal to wed Rolfe d'Ambert, the new lord of Kempston, a man who in her opinion is a thief and a bully, earns her a severe beating. She is forced to stand for her vows with a bruised face covered by a veil.

Rolfe, otherwise known as the Black Wolf, is not in the mood to wed. However, lives as well as property have been lost and he plans to put a stop to the violence. When his future bride shows up at the altar in a veil hiding her features, he dreads to see the homely creature he has contracted to marry. Oh well, once he beds her to get an heir, he can go back to his mistress.

Leonie finds that the brute she expected to bed is nothing more than a gentle warrior, but before she can give him what he wants, his mistress has to go. Rolfe finds that Leonie is not what he imagined; her stunning silver-blonde locks, slender figure, and feisty manner makes him want her with all his body, heart, and soul.

Ms. Lindsey packs this medieval with humor, misunderstandings, and love. It is an excellent way to spend a quiet afternoon at home.

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