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myPadMedia: The Ultimate eBook Service for the iPad

myPadMedia is a service that allows the download of novels, comic books and newspapers in electronic form. It is aimed specifically at the Apple iPad, but can be used with the iPhone and iPod touch too. In addition to the obvious convenience of reading content in electronic form instead of leafing through a physical book, the myPadMedia service also saves you time and money.

myPadMedia is not a subscription service: you will only be billed once, and that payment will entitle you to unlimited access to all the e-books that are part of the myPadMedia service. This is a detailed myPadMedia review that will hopefully help you decide whether myPadMedia is a good investment for you.

My Pad Media in Action
eBooks Available on myPadMedia
The eBooks available for download on myPadMedia are all popular mainstream titles, not obscure eBooks that you have never heard of. The eBooks available through myPadMedia cover many genres: bestsellers, thrillers, mystery, romance etc. In short, they are all books that you can normally expect to buy at your local bookstore or on iTunes, but with a huge difference: you only pay once, and you can read them all!

Additionally, myPadMedia offers a huge variety of comic books, ranging from superheroes to manga, and an equally large range of newspapers that are available online.
How myPadMedia Works
Joining the myPadMedia service is very straightforward. You pay a one-time fee of $49.95 and this gives you exclusive access to the myPadMedia members' area, where you can download thousands of books, comic books and newspapers in electronic form. You will never be billed again; the myPadMedia is NOT a subscription service that will repeatedly bill you. This is why myPadMedia is such a wise investment: for that one-time payment, you get unlimited lifetime access to all of the eBooks on the myPadMedia service. If you consider that eBooks can cost around $15 each, it is not difficult to see that paying $49.95 for unlimited access to all of the myPadMedia content is an exceptionally good deal. Compare this to what it would cost you to do the same thing with iTunes! If you have been buying e-books on iTunes, myPadMedia is going to be a whole new world for you.

myPadMedia is especially designed for the Apple iPad, but is also compatible with the iPhone and the iPod touch. This has the obvious advantage of allowing you to read the eBooks on myPadMedia regardless of where you are. myPadMedia allows the download of eBooks directly from its servers to your iPad.

myPadMedia is not a peer-to-peer download service and it does not break any laws. The eBooks available for download on myPadMedia are fully licensed. The entire myPadMedia service is absolutely above board and with excellent support. myPadMedia provides completely free support 24/7. All you have to do is log on and submit your question. You will receive a concise reply to your query within a reasonable amount of time.

Reading books, comic books and newspapers with an Apple iPad has some obvious advantages. You should think of it as the reading equivalent of MP3s and MP3 players: you can carry literally thousands of books in electronic form around with you, all saved on your iPad. If you are traveling or going on a long holiday, taking an iPad with you with plenty of reading material on it surely beats carrying boxes full of books around with you. myPadMedia makes all of this possible at an incredibly reasonable price.

Another huge advantage of myPadMedia is the sheer efficiency with which you can acquire new titles. You will never again have to put up with shops or online bookstores that are out of stock. myPadMedia is never out of stock because all of the material is electronic and it is therefore in unlimited supply. The benefit of this set-up is huge, and the bigger reader you are, the more you will benefit from myPadMedia.

myPadMedia is so confident of the value it gives to its customers that it offers a full refund within 60 days from when you made the payment. myPadMedia offers this guarantee because they know that you would be mad to opt out of the service when it gives you access to all of its content for the duration of your life. As you can well imagine, bookstores both online and on Main Street are terrified of myPadMedia and quite simply do not want you to know about it.


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