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World Cup 2010 Semi Finals: Prediction And Schedule

World Cup has left some teams only and getting ready to go to the next round of semifinal (semi finals). The teams which qualify are Germany, Uruguay, netherlands and spain.

Netherlands will face Uruguay on 6th July 2010 at 2:30 PM ET, Germany will face Spain on 7th July 2010 at 2:30 PM ET. For details please see the World Cup 2010 schedule...

The analysis or opinions from some people as follows

- Netherlands VS Uruguay

The match will be won by the Netherlands (score) 2-1, as for the analysis based on match that are shown by the Netherlands and Uruguay before going into semi finals. Uruguay almost lost against Ghana, many people said when against Ghana, Uruguay received support from the "God of luck", when Uruguay player blocked the ball with his both hands and a penalty by Ghana failed. Uruguay eventually won over by Ghana on penalties.

Very different with Netherlands who defeated one of the favorite team who predicted to pass to semifinals namely (Brazil).

- Germany VS Spain

Germany against Spain is a highly anticipated match now, many people predict or favor in German rather than Spanish. It is not without a reason, because seeing the game from Germany is very good, Germany succeeded in conquering the last match, when against a team led by Maradona, with the score 4-0 (Germany vs Argentina).

Prediction between Germany and Spain, Germany will won, the score is 1-0. Germany will play more carefully against the Spanish, German seem to be utilizing a counterattack and inadvertence of the Spanish defense.

Who Will set to Final?

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