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The Chile Miners: For Inspiration !!

Like millions of viewers throughout the world, I stayed glued to the TV set most of the time during the 22 hours of rescue operation. It was undoubtedly the most dramatic news story of the year – a story where commentators had to grope for superlatives to describe the awesome events unfolding before our eyes – Fenix 2 going up and down 2,230 feet below, as each of the 33 miners was winched through a narrow escape shaft. For 69 days, they were trapped, buried alive, not knowing for some 17 days whether there was hope of any rescue. It is a story of the triumph of the human spirit and the will to survive.

Chile President Sebastian Pinera who had taken command of the operation was at the site all that time together with his wife. He noted that the incident which started as a tragedy was more than the rescue of human beings. It is already transforming the country in many ways. It is now be more united, valued, and respected. It will want to be the first in Latin America to reject poverty and underdevelopment. It will no longer be remembered by the conflicts, coup d’etats, and disasters. President Pinera is the first elected conservative leader of a country of about 17 million people with whom we share many similarities.

Also a country with diverse cultures and indigenous peoples. Chile played an important role in Spanish conquest, having been a Spanish colony following the visit of Ferdinand Magellan in 1520. It is also primarily Roman Catholic. Before its successful transition to democracy in the 1990’s, it underwent a dictatorship for 17 years under Pinochet. Mining is one of its leading industries.
The rescue operation planned before Christmas, came sooner than was expected, and likewise was executed with remarkable efficiency within 21 hours and 44 minutes. International support poured in in the form of hi-tech equipment – drilling instruments, special eyeglasses, and monitors for vital signs, and rescue workers and volunteers.

What we have seen from this inspiring experience is the importance of good organization, leadership, teamwork, unity, commitment, solidarity, and individual values of faith, hope, loyalty, and belief in God. As the chaplain to the President who organized a prayer chain said, this miracle is a proof that there is a God. A psychologist noted: In times of crisis like this, the way to survive is not to feel isolated, and not to let one’s guard down.

We can learn from each of the men with their unique stories of survival. There was Luis Urzua, who, like a brave captain of a sinking ship, knew the chain of command and insisted that he be the last person to be rescued. Surrounded by plans and maps, he kept the morale of his men by providing them with dominos and games, assigning tasks, and ensuring that the limited supply of tuna, crackers, and milk was distributed equally. Florencio Avalos documented the ordeal and perhaps sent up the first note – “All 33 of us are alive in the shelter” to which President Pinera replied, “Today all of Chile is crying with excitement and joy.”

Mario Sepulveda, the one who brought rocks as souvenirs for fellow miners, made this moving testimony: “I was with both God and the Devil. God won. I held His Hand and there was no doubt He would get me out.” Ariel Ticoma’s wife gave birth to a baby girl during his ordeal underground. At first, the name was supposed to be Carolina, but they changed it to Esperanza (which means hope), as it was hope that kept them going. Ariel also brought back the telephone that served as a communication link with the world outside. Victor Zamora jestingly sent a note to this mother saying that the good thing about their situation is that one does not need a daily wash.

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