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Image Space Media is the first and leading provider of In-Image advertising for the Internet, reaching over 80 million unique users worldwide each month.

Image Space Media matches relevant advertisements to images across our network of 7,000 publishers, serving over a quarter billion impressions per month. We provide publishers with additional revenue for their sites, maximizing web advertisement space without compromising content integrity.
ISM’s ad network, which recently launched an analytics offering, helps publishers monetize images on their websites with ad overlays. Its proprietary technology allows for audience targeting and matches ads to the most appropriate images available. With AdStart, advertisers can now create text based ads on both a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand (CPM) impression level. Once the advertiser creates their text-based ad campaign, they set their bid price and fund their account using a credit card or PayPal with a minimum of $5.00 for prepaid accounts. The ads immediately begin running as overlays on contextually relevant images across the Image Space Media Network.

ISM says that beta testing results have been relatively successful. The CTR on the ISM AdStart campaign for The Intuitive Learning Company was more than 7 times higher than a Google Adwords campaign for the same product. COO Kevin Tung has told us that CTRs for in-image ads are higher than average rates for normal display ads, which he says range from .2 % to .3%. He adds that CTRs depend on size and dimensions of the ad itself.

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