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Susan Andersen: Hot and Bothered - 3rd "Marine" Series

Ford Evans Hamilton opened his eyes and blinked the blurry room into focus. Pain splintered through his skull and throbbed along his nerve-endings, and he lifted a cautious hand to probe the back of his head. It felt like an overripe cantaloupe.
What the hell had happened? Hearing muted voices, the clink of heavy crystal, his eyebrows drew together. Was there a party going on?

Images flickered and floated on the peripheries of his mind, and his brow cleared. Ah, yes. That's right. There was a party- the one he'd thrown to watch McMurphy squirm. Well, McMurphy and one or two others, but the point was he had guests and he'd come into the library for a box of cigars to go with the after-dinner brandy. And. . . Jared had been here, right? He scowled as bits of their argument came drifting back and he suddenly recalled the shove his son had given him as he'd stormed for the door. That boy was nothing but a blotch on the Hamilton name. Both his children were big disappointments. 

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