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Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor - Lisa Kleypass novel Free on epub

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When Mark Nolan’s sister died in a car crash, he was unpleasantly surprised by the news that he was named guardian of his little niece, Holly.  Mark relocates Holly to an island off the coast of Seattle where his only family consists of two other brothers who don’t talk all that much.  Knowing that he cannot do this alone, Mark convinces one brother, Sam, to let them move into his old Victorian home, which is a serious fixer project.  

The two men learn to love their silent little girl – Holly hasn’t spoken since her mother’s death – but they know they’re in trouble when they find a note from Holly to Santa asking for a mother for Christmas.  Mark has been dating “the perfect woman” for several months, and he’s determined to settle down for Holly’s sake, but the woman who intrigues him is Maggie Collins, the owner of the island’s toy store.

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