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Read and Convert ePub to Kindle

I am sure you have many epub books collection.

There are easy way to convert these to Kindle so that you can read ePub files on your Kindle. They will appear on your book menu and can be read just like any other Kindle ebook.

Yes, Amazon’s Kindle will read ePub’s, but not by default. They must be converted. The Kindle definitely has the clearest screen and is currently the closest to actually reading a book. If you haven’t already got one, it’s worth getting a Kindle and converting the ePub book files.

Read ePub books on your Kindle

Can the Kindle read ePubs? You betcha but not by default, so the ePub file will have to be converted to a format that Kindle does recognize (you convert ePub to MOBI). There’s probably a few ways to do it, but here’s what I’ve found to be the most simple way.
To Start Download ePub to Kindle converter

ePub to Kindle converter is an ebook converter software program, install it on your computer where you want to connect your Kindle.ePub to Kindle works with Windows. I ran it on Windows 7 without any problems. It will automatically recognize your Kindle, when you plug it in and will handle the necessary conversion when you add a ePub to your Kindle.

Installing converter is as simple as downloading it and running the setup program, accept the license, click install.

Now connect your Kindle device. Once it is recognized “to Kindle” will be enable on the top toolbar of “ePub To Kindle converter”. Click to highlight the ePub books you wish to send to your Kindle and click this button.

What is the ePub format?

ePub is a free and open e-book standard. Here’s an interesting fact you may not know; ePub files are very much like web pages and can actually be edited with a web page editor. You can read more specifically about this fromat on Wikipedia if youre interested

Visit the Site for whole step to convert your ePub to Kindle here >>

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