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1000 Face of Noordin M. Top. Is He Dead?

“Alhamdullilah!” (Arabic for Thank God), that's what I said after I heard that the Malaysian terrorist Noordin M. Top was shot dead by Police Special Unit DENSUS-88 on 7 August, at his hideout in Temanggung, Central Java.

I felt very happy because Noordin and another Malaysian terrorist Azhari, who was killed few years ago, have ‘brainwashed’ some Indonesian Muslims to kill lots of people, mostly Muslims, by their suicide bombings in Bali, Jakarta, Poso and Ambon.

According to
National Police Chief Bambang Danuri, at almost the same time the Police has also killed two other terrorists and found 500 Kg Explosives in Jatiasih, Bekasi, West Java, which will be used for suicide bombings at the President's private residence located 5 Kilometers from the location and the State Palace during our independence day celebration on 17 August. Before the above mentioned raids, the Police have arrested five other terrorists.

In spite of the above, there is one big question: Is the body in Temanggung belongs to Noordin M. Top or an Indonesian who act as his decoy?

Bambang Danuri cannot confirm this, he said that the Police need to conduct a DNA Test on the body and check it with the DNA of the relative of anyone suspected including that of Noordin M. Top. For details, please click here, here, here and here.

Considering the above, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to our Police especially the DENSUS 88 Unit for their efforts and success. I hope that there will be more success in the future, for which purpose everyone in Indonesia, including the Armed Forces & citizens, should assist and cooperate closely with the Police.

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