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West Sumatra of Indonesia Quake 2009

The death toll reported from West Sumatra, Indonesia has climbed to 608 with thousands more missing after the earthquake last week. Those who survived the quake are now running out of clean water, food and shelter, and doctors are running out of medicine to treat the thousands injured, according to the National Emergency Management Agency in Jakarta.

The United Nations is working closely with the Indonesian government to coordinate the aid that has come in from numerous countries. The UN is providing heavy equipment to search for survivors trapped by the earthquake as well as health kits and school tents to survivors.

International Faith-based Relief organizations in the United States have also responded to the needs of the people in Indonesia.

On September 30 a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck off the coast of West Sumatra devastating an expanse greater than 60 miles on the coast of West Sumatra. The quake damaged more than 100,000 buildings and has trapped thousands of people within the rubble.

The earthquake’s epicenter was located along the same fault line that spurred the 2004 Asian Tsunami that killed more than 130,000 people in Southeast Asia. No tsunamis were reported from this event.

Just a few weeks before Sumatra was struck, an earthquake devastated the island of Java in Indonesia.

A typhoon has also killed hundreds of people across Southeast Asian nations.

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