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Shiv Kera: You Can Win

You can win”, by Shiv Khera, is a storehouse of inspiration and knowledge. The book contains the golden rules for achieving success. It also inspires the readers to become good human beings.

Being successful is not the only achievement. The book strives to instill sterling qualities of head and heart that are the indispensable characteristics of a good human being. The book helps the readers in achieving success and building pleasant personalities.

“You can win” contains eleven chapters, equally important and relevant. The chapters are motivating, inspirational and stimulating. The book contains the important principles and axioms that are required to construct a pleasant personality. Positive attitude, motivation, self-esteem, pleasing personality, values and vision are aspects covered thoroughly in the book.

Positive attitude is a critical factor in success. The author has effectively explained the benefits of positive attitude. The author has also included an action plan which would help the readers to develop a positive attitude. He has also enumerated the steps required to build a positive attitude.

The author motivates the readers by incorporating winning strategies in his book. Various examples, stories and anecdotes are included in the book. The author has used these examples and stories to bring home his point. The anecdotes included in the book are highly motivating and inspirational.

The author strives to provide the readers with the right values and vision for achieving success. The author emphasizes on the fact that being a successful person is not enough. Being a good human being is equally important according to the author. The book helps the readers to remove the hurdles that block the path to success.

The book is an international best seller because of its top class content. I recommend this book to all those who wish to achieve success in life. The language used by the author is simple and flowing. The print quality is excellent which adds to the joy of reading.

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